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Donna boasts a 35-year track record of helping people become remarkable and has a wealth of stories, experience and knowledge that she shares in keynotes, workshops and guest lectures around the world. 

"We’re not just human beings, we’re humans becoming, always changing, shifting, adapting to new circumstances and challenges." -
Donna Karlin

No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

Accelerator Lab: The inCUBEatory

Bringing the work I do with the TED Fellows, StartingBloc and other Fellowship programs to organizations.


A Better Perspective®

Executive Coaching & Training

We bring a 360° perspective to human evolvement; a dynamic, strengths-focused, full-circle approach to leadership development. We purposefully use the word evolvement because it's all about evolving into your level of excellence. Ask us about our proprietary Shadow Coaching® model.

Leaders, Their Stories, Their Words

Leaders; Their Stories, Their Words
Conversations with Human-Based Leaders

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words is an anthology of one-on-one conversations held between Donna Karlin, global executive and leadership coach, and the different leaders she invited to tell their stories. Each leader was encouraged to share their personal history reflecting their transformative experiences. The stories of their amazing journeys de-mystify the experiences of seasoned and successful leaders.

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No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

The No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

Working with the intersection of human and organizational systems and their influencers. This is where we tailor our approach to the needs of individuals and, if applicable, their organizations.


There's a reason why Donna is in demand on 6 continents. She gets results and brings over 35 years of experience in multiple streams of practice to the table.

Donna Karlin has been called a pot-stirrer, thought-shifter, "partner-in-crime" and reality-checker. She's an international speaker, lecturer, author and world-renowned leadership coach. You will see Donna coach on the run with her clients through the halls of corporate headquarters, startups, government departments and agencies, and political offices in many parts of the world. She's an accelerator of ideas, people and organizations.

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Keynote Speaker

Internationally recognized pioneer in the field of Leadership Coaching, Donna delivers idea-stimulating keynotes and breakout sessions that are highly focused and results-oriented, while remaining fun and entertaining.

Discover why organizations, businesses, associations and the technology sector selects Donna Karlin to keynote their conferences and meetings and provide coaching and training for their staff.

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Accelerator Lab: The inCUBEatory

Our inCUBEatory is where people, ideas, models and frameworks accelerate organizations, people and innovation. We address teaming, collaboration, managing a project from ideation to execution that brings innovation and ROI to an organization, strengthens executive presence and helps identify the potential future leaders from within the organization.

Accelerator Lab

President of A Better Perspective®

Executive Coaching and Consulting. Bringing a strengths-focused, full circle approach to leadership development. Why do leaders on 6 continents work with Donna? Because the unique model of coaching she has pioneered and her innate ability to shine a light on what her clients aren't seeing, helps people and their organizations evolve and become more of who they are.


Leaders Their Stories, Their Words

Conversations with Human-Based Leaders

Stories of extraordinary leaders; inspiring examples of people who, with passion, commitment, influence, and achievement, make their part of the world a better place. Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words challenges us to learn more about what’s important to us – how we can engage and express our values more powerfully.

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words
No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

No Ceiling Just Sky™ Institute

There is nothing cookie cutter about what we do.
Things happen. Life happens.
We work with that.
We bring to the table whatever is necessary to get you and your organization moving, growing and evolving.

The Laser Coach®

I have a finite amount of time available to coach clients on the fly, in the center of complex challenges in chaotic times. Unlike most coaching sessions, shadow and laser coaching can be a matter of moments in time, where I coach on one thought, one moment in time that had just unfolded in such a way that when they're coached on it, they not only "get it" but it sticks. It's about illuminating the truth of the moment so they can turn their attention on what has to be addressed immediately.

It's fast, dynamic, powerful and, because it happens in real time, we create sustainable change.”

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Interview with CUTV News Radio host Doug Llewelyn

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