Dominic Muren
Chief Technology Officer at Nube9; TED Fellow,
Seattle, Washington

Donna has a keenly emotional mind -- and she is really generous with it. As my professional coach for more than 3 years, Donna helped me to navigate changes, decisions, and conflicts, not by telling me what to do, but by helping me access the answers that I knew, but was hesitant to apply myself. She is a patient listener, and the advice she gives comes from years of experience working through problems much bigger than mine, with people in jobs way above my pay grade. I've been so lucky to have access to her insights and her support, and I hope we can continue our collaboration for many years to come. If you have the chance to work with her, don't pass it up.

Ramiro Ponce
Board Member, International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations

In my 30 years business experience I have met almost no- leader whom I'd dare to evaluate as utterly competent, trustable, talented, friendly, tech -savvy and well-connected. Donna is the "whole package", a true gem. Extremely articulated, amazingly fast, and always "on target", she makes things happen and so, advances businesses and projects. She coaches, trains, and mobilizes teams and their leaders, and above all that, shares everything with this kind of greatness you rarely see. I consider it a huge privilege having met her, working with her and learning from her.

Andrew Neitlich Center for Executive Coaching, Sarasota, Florida

Donna is a rare professional who doesn't really need anyone to recommend her on LinkedIn or anywhere else, because she has been coaching top leaders around the world for three decades, and work comes to her from delighted clients and their colleagues almost automatically! Regardless, I can't resist. I have had the pleasure of working with Donna and observing her during a coaching intensive. She becomes an instant mentor to other coaches, because of her knowledge and experience. Once you meet her, you will want her to coach you; it's really that simple. Donna has the substance, the approach, the mindset, and everything you would expect if you were going to list the things that one of the world's top coaches should be and have. She chooses her clients based on their desire to have global impact. If this describes you, then I hope that Donna has the time in her schedule to work with you; if so, you are in for a treat!

Anne Kelly
CEO, Federal Consulting Group, Washington, D.C

In one word...Donna is "brilliant." She is a world class coach, with exceptional skills to bring out the very best in her clients. Her insight and wisdom, coupled with her boundless positive spirit make her a highly skilled coach. She was a tremendous support to FCG during its time of transition and great turmoil. We couldn't have made it through without her. If you need an executive coach with finely honed skills, who always asks the right questions, look no further than Donna.

Jackie O'Connor Director, HR Shared Services Merger Integration Exelon Corporation, Chicago, Illinois

Donna Karlin is an extremely skilled executive coach. Donna uses patience as a strategic tool that allows you to evolve, soak in her guidance and ultimately discover about yourself what she knew within the first 5 minutes of working with you. It is only then that she shares with you exactly what you need to hear because she knows you now have the ability to take it in and do something with it. This, coupled with many other great attributes and capabilities, is what makes Donna so exceptional.

Sunny Bates
o-Founder, Sudden Compass, New York, New York 

Donna has a keen insight and comprehensive understanding of her client's issues. Her warm and enthusiastic manner makes everything easier to swallow , even the tough work that needs to be done. She brings a wealth of wisdom and perspective to each interaction.

Andrea Lee
Author, entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant to business owners on five continents
British Columbia, Canada

Donna has shifted the way the coaching profession 'sees' what is possible for them, to broaden and deepen the impact of coaching to politicians and political bodies of the very highest order. Talk about striking at the heart of where change means most. As Donna leads the way for others, I'm sure we will see a sea change at the identity level in (1) these organizations and (2) in coach's’ hearts and minds. If you're a politician without a shadow coach like Donna, get one. Now. And if you are a coach looking for a niche...get a hold of Donna… Yesterday.

Natasha Alimohamed
Director, Canada Border Services Agency

Working with Donna has resulted in me having more confidence in myself as a leader - her discretion, tact, expert advice, friendly and energetic vibe and her commitment and professionalism and keen observations have brought me to a new level at work. Donna has, in 3 days, changed my life. The suggestions and observations Donna made were provided by a credible, caring and well-informed person, witnessing the environment and dynamics in my workplace and then providing commentary which could be debated and discussed from a shared experience. The experience blew my mind and has moved me to a new plateau.

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